Rachel Paige
Updated Apr 02, 2016 @ 11:32 pm
Credit: Pixar/HBO

Guys, listen up. We just found the THING to end all FINDING THINGS on the entire Internet. How could we not have seen this earlier? Are you ready for this? Can you handle this??

We’ve been watching Disney movies our entire life, and we’ve been watching Game of Thrones for the last five seasons. But did you know that there’s actually been a HUGE Game of Thrones character hiding in plain sight in almost all of Disney’s animated classics? It’s true! Jon Snow — the alive version — has been secretly popping up in a ton of our favorites.

Bet you never noticed him strolling about Belle’s quite little town in Beauty and the Beast before huh?

Credit: Disney/HBO

Under the sea? In The Little Mermaid? Jon Snow can hold is breath for AT LEAST 10 minutes.

Credit: Disney/HBO

Then, in that sea of little green men in Toy Story, Jon Snow is the only one who stays cool, calm, and collected when The Claw shows up.

Credit: Pixar/HBO

Oh oh, or that one time Jon Snow just happened to be hanging around, listening to Roger croon, “Cruella de Vil” in 101 Dalmatians.

Credit: Disney/HBO

Jon Snow made a quick cameo appearance as one of Monstropolis’ Top Scarers during Monsters Inc.

Credit: Pixar/HBO

And who can forget Jon Snow’s scene-stealing turn during Inside Out where he played the emotion, “Jon Snow.”

Credit: Pixar/HBO

Oh, but the best has to be when Jon Snow’s just hanging out in the Cave of Wonders in Aladdin.

Credit: Disney/HBO

Oh, shoot, nope, the best one is actually when Shang makes a man out of Jon Snow in Mulan.

Credit: Disney/HBO

Feel foolish that you missed this TINY LITTLE DETAIL?

Well, JK JK JK JK JK JK JK we fooled you guys, because it’s April 1st, and that means it’s April Fools’ Day, and WE MADE THIS ALL UP! HA HA. LOL.

Okay, this day is actually THE WORST. We fall for EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET. Ugh, can’t we decide that April Fools’ Day is the day where nothing insane/absurd happens, and not one installs a strange Mic Drop into our Gmail, and Gwen Stefani doesn’t make us freak out, and Facebook and H&M collaborate on a clothing line. Can’t we just like, spend the day watching dog videos, like we normally do?

Is April Fools’ almost over?