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Disney has a way of bringing out emotions that are usually reserved for holiday diners with the family. Their movies bring us joy, sadness, and a lot of fairy dust. After their acquisition of Pixar, Disney added many movies to their roster that break down the icy barrier around even the hardest heart. How you can you forget the first ten minutes of Up?!

Well, if you’re looking for emotional catharsis this Halloween — these Disney-inspired jack-o-lanterns are the stuff of dreams.

Pumpkin carving is not as easy at it looks! You can obviously go for the traditional jack-o-lantern face to save sometime — but the real MVPs are the folks who took time to carve out masterpieces like the ones below.

It takes patience and a steady hand to create multiple layers within a pumpkin.

If you’re looking to do this yourself on Halloween, there are plenty of tutorials online that you can take a look at. You’ll need a clean surface, some newspapers, serrated knives and a great idea. The rest is following advice:

But why only do one princess when you can do a whole bunch of Disney characters? After all, you can’t really pick a favorite, right?

Or, go truly Disney pumpkin crazy and do an entire group scene![/subheader

What do you think? Which Disney pumpkin are you going to test out for this most magical holiday?