Caitlin Gallagher
February 03, 2017 2:47 pm
FMB PHOTO via Getty Images

While a baby being left in a car is not something we ever want to happen, children dying in hot cars is unfortunately more common than you’d think. But one 10-year-old boy in Texas has created an invention to help save infants from this terrible fate.

After he learned about a baby dying in a hot minivan near his house, fifth grader Bishop Curry V used the power of his amazing brain to come up with a solution. Bishop’s invention is called the Oasis and according to his family’s GoFundMe page:

Creating things is nothing new for Bishop (he has a homemade catapult — technically a “trebuchet” — in his front yard), but his latest invention could save lives. The local Texas NBC news station reported that 39 children died of heat stroke in hot car-related incidents in 2016 and seven were in Texas, according to a San Jose State University meteorologist, so Bishop’s invention is devastatingly needed.

Bishop has already created a clay prototype of the Oasis and has a provisional patent. And though this smart kid can take all the credit, it does help that his father is an engineer for Toyota.

As Bishop has a baby sister of his own, this 10-year-old wants to keep other infants safe from these highly avoidable deaths. And we couldn’t be more impressed with his ingenuity and compassion.