This easy “dessert sushi” recipe will make your tastebuds soy happy

If you have a constant sushi and candy craving (sometimes simultaneously), you’ll find this dessert absolutely satisfying. Even better? This is the only sushi recipe that you can dip into chocolate. (Granted, you could dip a spicy tuna roll into chocolate, but we’re not sure how that tastes.)

Wrap your favorite candy in marshmallow treats to create the most delicious, rolled-up snack. These bite-sized sushi pieces would be perfect for any kids party or evening with friends (because honestly, adults require candy, too). The fun is definitely in the creative decorating. Watch the video below for different ideas or go totally off-script with your own favorite candy. These will be the sweetest California rolls you’ve ever tasted.

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Dessert Sushi

Serves 10 to 12
Active 30 min. Total 30 min.


1 (6.2-oz.) box of crispy rice marshmallow treats (such a Rice Krispies)
4 (.5-oz.) fruit leather rolls (such Fruit By The Foot or Fruit Roll-Ups)
Orange jelly beans
Pink and red chewy candy (such as Laffy Taffy or Starburst)
Sour gummy worms
Fish shaped candy (such a Swedish Fish)
Chocolate sauce
Green buttercream frosting


1. Cut each crispy marshmallow treat according to desired “sushi” roll.

2. Roll candy in marshmallow treats; wrap in fruit leather. Serve with chocolate sauce as “soy sauce” and green buttercream as “wasabi”.