Credit: nutsabouttella/Instagram

Okay, we need to get on a plane to Australia — STAT. A dessert pizza shop specializes in Nutella-themed delicacies, according to 7Travel, and we want to go to there…right now! The place is called Nuts About Tella and located in Melbourne. They also have food trucks and pop-up dessert bars around town. Point being — we need to get to Melbourne.

They make everything from Nutella pizza to Nutella donuts.

Their website states that “our pizza is our canvas,” and they describe their pizzas as “Renaissance Italian art meets a new age of dessert.” We’ll say!

When you have one of their Nutella pizzas, you can choose all kinds, from “The Mona Lisa” (Nutella, strawberries, and powdered sugar) to “The Last Supper” (Nutella, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, bananas, raspberries, and organic coconut sugar). Their website states that they have no affiliation with Nutella, but that’s okay — that’s just like pizzerias saying they have no affiliation with the mozzarella cheese companies. 😉 We get it.

Okay, want a visual? Note: You should have some Nutella on hand, because the below pics will ~definitely~ make you crave it.

All we can say is: Yum.

There’s literally a different Nutella-themed pizza for everybody!

More a burger person? Nuts About Tella has got you covered. Check out this Nutella-y donut burger.

Btw, as you may know, McDonald’s in Italy debuted a Nutella burger last year, too. So it’s officially a thing.

Nuts About Tella also has other flavors of donuts, like Nutella and strawberry jam. Mmmm.

And they have Nutella-flavored ice cream, because — of course! If you’re a dessert shop, you have to have ice cream! There are several flavors to choose from, such as Nutella-flavored ice cream with oreos or salted caramel.

But back to business — the business of getting to Melbourne ASAP to check out Nuts About Tella IRL. Who’s in?!