Travis Greenwood
Updated May 20, 2015 @ 1:56 pm
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There are in-flight safety videos and then there are in-flight safety videos. Lately, airlines like United, Virgin and Delta, are getting super-creative in order to keep passengers from dozing off and missing the whole this-is-how-you-survive-in-an-emergency instructional.

To wit: Delta’s new offering which remixes a mess of memes — 22 in total, some classic, a few regrettable — to great comedic effect. Because safety, am I right?

Astute (and even casual) observers of the viral condition will readily identify some of the notable (and majorly retro) Internet A-listers featured in the spot, which will start airing in real life on Delta flights next month. In case you’re not in the mood to watch an entire in-flight safety video while you’re sitting at your desk, we’ll give you the highlights.

There’s Roomba Cat (AKA the most handsome kitty on this planet):

This guy’s pretty cute too. Remember him?

They also brought back the dance fad of 2013, the Harlem Shake.

They even resurrected that creepy dancing baby (sorry, not sorry).

Having gobbled down his tiny burrito, this hamster is obviously well-versed in airplane etiquette. It thinks it’s human!

And last but not least, the pixelated supernova that is Nyan Cat. He boarded the plane too.

Well, my mind’s blown. Watch the entire thing right here:

All screenshots via YouTube.