Lisa Lo Paro
Updated March 30, 2015

Look. We all do it. We all take selfies. And yeah, the “selfie stick” is probably one of the silliest things I can think of, but then again, most fun things are.

So when I heard the news that two major festivals, Coachella and Lollapalooza (and maybe others), are banning the stick I was a little surprised. What better place to take a stick-guided selfie than at a killer music festival? The reasoning ranges from protection of festival footage to the sheer square footage required to use a selfie stick. At a crowded concert, you’re not psyched about the person in front of you obscuring your view with a giant stick—I totally get it. But, according to Coachella, another reason behind the ban is what they label a trend of “narsisstics.”

Here’s where I disagree: the simple act of taking a picture of yourself and liking how you look enough to share it with the world is an empowering thing. It’s a potent reminder to love yourself. Selfies are also daily self-portraits, snapshots in time when you’ve looked or felt your best, or were maybe just having the best time ever. Enter the selfie shish kebab—the ultimate way to capture the moment without the awkwardness of arms or fingers getting in the way.

Selfie sticks may not have a place in the music festival scene anymore—but there are still some moments when the stick is a welcome attachment, a bionic photographing arm of goodness, if you will. Here are some of them:

1. When you’re on vacation.

Don’t have a long enough arm to take a picture of all your friends? Don’t want to ask a stranger? Left your life-size Gumby at home? Grab your selfie stick! The stick is actually a great idea to have on vacation because it can capture a bunch of people in the foreground with all of that beautiful background included. No more having to pick a person to take the picture and then swapping out. Or, if you’re like my mother and think the world is out to get you, there’s no risk of some stranger running off with your phone if you ask them to be photographer. It’s also handy on a honeymoon when there’s no third person to take those ooey-gooey couple photos.

2. When you’re “feeling your look.”

Want to remember what you wore that day you looked and felt so fabulous? Get out that extendable monopod and go to town, girl! It’s also helpful if you’re ever putting outfits together to remember for later wear, and don’t want that stiff mirror picture. Here’s my interpretation of a self-loving outfit snap:

I really loved this outfit.

3. To capture your Sex and the City-esque brunch table on Sunday mornings.

Ain’t nobody gonna stop and take a picture of you and your friends and all the shenanigans you get up to when you’re guzzling maple syrup at 1 p.m. on a Sunday. Insta-selfie-stick. Capturing those memories for later years is actually priceless, and embarrassment be damned.

4. When you want to show off your favorite things—and still be in the picture.

Impress your friends with some serious selfie skills. Here I am making eyes at the little owl I’ve got on my wall:

And here! Look at my pretty, pretty bookshelves:

5. Use it to look around corners for basilisk eyes before leaving the library. Has Hermione taught you nothing?

I’m a big fan of “do what makes you happy” as long as you’re not hurting anyone else, and selfies are fun. So, let’s give more love to the selfie stick, because they really know how to make a picture sing.

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