A deer decided to photobomb a baby getting his picture taken in a forest last week, and ended up creating fairy tale magic. Seriously, we’re swooning over the pictures. Our hearts have basically exploded into glitter.

Professional photographer Megan Rion set up the shoot on October 20 for one-month-old “Baby Connor” in Sam Houston Jones State Park in Moss Bluff, Louisiana. As she was snapping the pictures, the doe just tiptoed out of the woods to check things out. She gave the baby a few gentle sniffs, and a photo assistant coaxed her into looking at the camera with a handful of dried corn.

It turns out the doe is a rather well-known deer in the park. People call her Maggie, and she’s becoming something of a regular in Megan’s photos. The shoot with baby Connor is the fifth time Maggie has wandered out of the woods and ended up on film. Megan’s Facebook page is pretty much a gorgeous wonderland of magical Bambi pictures.

Megan seems very fond of Maggie. (Not that we blame her. TBH we’re ready to head down to Louisiana and pose for pics with this ethereal animal.) She told KPLC 7, “She’s a beautiful creature. I mean she’s very calm and just very amazing. She is beautiful. She’s very magical, kind of almost like a ‘Snow White in the woods’ kinda feel to her.”

You can watch Maggie in action in the video below. Then maybe go watch Bambi on repeat for the rest of the day.

[Image via Twitter via Imagine That Photography by Megan Rion on Facebook, Shutterstock.]