Olivia Harvey
November 07, 2017 10:41 am

To Adam Ellis’s dismay and the internet’s delight, the Dear David saga continues. The New York-based illustrator has been keeping his Twitter followers up to date on the dead child, named Dear David, haunting his apartment/life. When we last reported on the Dear David epic, Ellis was struggling to debunk a malfunctioning Polaroid camera. He had also discovered that a usually busy warehouse near his apartment had been abandoned, and Ellis even captured some creepy footage on nanny cams he set up in his living room.

Since then, Ellis’s nanny cam recorded some odd behavior from his cats. Ellis realized they could have been reacting to a fly or bug, but he noted that he rarely sees bugs in his apartment. A few nights later, the nanny cam picked up a potted plant falling from a shelf in Ellis’s living room.

And then, of course, we have Ellis’s nightmares about severed heads and shadow figures standing in his second-floor windows. You know, the usual.

Luckily, Ellis had planned a much-needed trip out of the country to Japan. He told his followers in October that his vacation had been peaceful and on his last day in Japan, Ellis took a walk around Sapporo. Unfortunately, the peacefulness ended when Ellis came across an intricate statue in a park.

As he took pictures of the statue, he saw a figure that uncannily looks exactly like his drawing of Dear David from the first bit of his saga — dented head and all.

Here’s a refresher of what Dear David looks like in Ellis’s nightmares:

Coincidence? We think not!

When Ellis returned home, odd things started happening almost immediately. This time, the electricity in his entire apartment went wonky.

Ellis explained that the television backlight can only come on when the television itself is on. Yet, one night (early morning, to be exact) Ellis noticed the backlight flickering on and off without the TV being on. It eventually stopped and now it doesn’t work at all.

A bit disturbed, he decided to get up for the day. He grabbed an early breakfast at a local diner and returned back home to shower and get dressed.

One of Ellis’s followers helped us all out by drawing the face that Ellis saw over the photograph.

Ellis contemplated getting someone else involved in the investigation, but then went silent on Twitter for a few weeks. He returned at the end of October and informed his followers that he had a friend cleanse his apartment. He also turned down a multitude of mediums and ghost hunter shows who had reached out to help.

He thought the cleansing worked, until he passed a blatant omen in the empty warehouse he was spooked by earlier in his haunting. The warehouse had been shuttered for the past few weeks after Ellis first discovered it abandoned.

But when he walked by on his way to work one morning, the shutters were open and he saw this inside:

Ellis figured that hearses had to park somewhere and he didn’t let the sighting get to him. But he should have taken it as a sign for the weirdness to come.

Warning: the enhanced photo might just make you cry.

He closed the blinds and drank enough beer to not be scared anymore.

Again, Ellis went silent until yesterday ,when he started a thread about the most recent dream he had starring Dear David. It was the first Dear David dream he had in about four months and it was shockingly similar to his first dream about the dead child (and just as eerie).

Yes, the dream was terrifying, but Ellis realized that it was just a dream and he let the fear melt away. However, when Ellis went into his phone’s photos to find a picture from a few days ago, he noticed that he had been taking actual photos during his nightmare.

And what those photos show is something truly terrifying.

(Here’s the same photo with the brightness turned up.)

Ellis tweeted that he usually comes up with excuses for everything that he sees and hears in his apartment. But these photos have changed the game completely.

Of course, some question the validity of Ellis’s story, and we can’t blame the naysayers. The evidence is unbelievable. But whether you believe or not, one must admit that the Dear David threads are extremely entertaining.

If all of this is true, then we’re sending good vibes Ellis’s way. Adam, if you need a couch to stay on, hit us up — just don’t bring David with you…