Olivia Harvey
November 20, 2017 1:47 pm
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We can all agree that the viral ghost story, Dear David, is entertaining AF. You don’t even have to believe in ghosts to get chills from Adam Ellis’s photographic evidence and riveting storytelling. But is the whole thing real or is Dear David just a hoax?

As much as we willingly want to believe everything we read on the internet, we have to approach most things with skepticism — that includes the seemingly true story of Dead David. To get a better grasp on reality, we did a little digging on Adam Ellis and the theories that surround his famous tale.

Here’s what we know for sure about the author of Dear David:

1Ellis contributes to BuzzFeed.

Ellis has contributed to a total of 403 posts on BuzzFeed, including a writeup of his Dear David experiences. How does this affect his credibility? It really doesn’t. Although, most of his posts incorporate humor, which could lead one to think that he’s always down for a good prank/trolling session.

YouTuber LoeyLane has been following the Dear David story and updating her viewers on the latest happenings. In her most recent Dear David update video, she relays a theory strung together by one of her Twitter followers. This theory connects the Dear David story to a true-life cold case covered in the BuzzFeed Unsolved video below.

The case revolves around a murdered unknown boy, with a strangely shaped head similar to David’s, who was discovered in a wooden box.

Loey notes how Ellis could have drawn inspiration from this true story, covered by his coworkers at BuzzFeed, to weave together his Dear David tale. Therefore, Ellis’s Dear David story could be a hoax inspired by true events.

2He is an illustrator and cartoonist.

Not only does Ellis have a great sense of humor, but he’s also creatively gifted. Ellis’s entire Instagram feed is filled with his quirky and relatable cartoons (with some having to do with the paranormal — just saying).

His ability to dream up funny scenarios makes us think that he’s more than capable of dreaming up an entire ghost saga. And his artsy talents could also explain the creepy photographs of Dear David.

Being an artist, Ellis probably knows his way around Photoshop.

3Ellis “can’t keep himself out of trouble.”

Ellis wrote and illustrated a book called Books of Adam: The Blunder Years, in which he recounts his many attempts to become a “functioning member of society.” The Amazon book description tells us that Ellis has had some weird life experiences thus far. For example, he was arrested for shoplifting chocolate milk and he also met a hippie couple who tried to woo him into a threesome. Yikes!

Grand Central Publishing / www.amazon.com

So if his stories in Books of Adam are true, then it wouldn’t be totally crazy for Ellis to experience such an extreme haunting. He seems to be a target for strange events.

4He actually has a new book in the works.

According to his latest Instagram post, Ellis is currently working on a new book scheduled to be released in 2018. He also has “a lot of secret projects happening next year,” so we can’t help but wonder if Dear David is a piece of this secret puzzle.

Will it be a new illustrated book about how he successfully bamboozled the internet? Or perhaps the new story is centered around David and his adventures in haunting. Then again, like Books of Adam, his new project could be a retelling of true events regarding his true haunting.

Everything is so double-sided! Ellis has us boggled.

We’ve presented you with the evidence, and hopefully now you can draw your own conclusion about the validity of Dear David. Even if this turns out to be hoax, Ellis has kept us on the edge of our seats for months — and for that, we praise him.