Olivia Harvey
August 29, 2017 3:12 pm
Adam Ellis / twitter.com

You might recall reading a story we posted about Adam Ellis and his haunted apartment. Ellis is allegedly/currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child named Dear David. When we last visited Ellis’ viral Twitter thread documenting his haunting, he had tried to keep evil at bay with a salt barrier.

But despite his efforts, Ellis’ cats were still acting up at whatever was residing on the other side of the bedroom door. He had also recorded some odd static sounds on a sleep talking app. Frustrated, Ellis decided to leave the apartment for the weekend and there was a brief break in his Twitter updates.

But Ellis is back, and so is Dear David.

Ellis bought himself an Instax Polaroid camera because “they’re fun and dorky.” He decided to test it out around his apartment.

The first few photos he took in his bedroom came out normal.

But when he tried to snap a pic in the hallway — the same hallway that has a strange effect on his cats — the photo came out pitch-black.

Ellis thought the camera malfunctioned, so he checked the film. It was fine. He then thought maybe he blocked the flash with his thumb, so he tested that theory, but the results weren’t good.


Ellis even tried to see if it was some sort of lighting problem, so he took one photo on his phone and another on the Polaroid. Still, no dice.

On top of the eerie camera malfunction, one follower thought she saw a few faces in the darkness. Others saw a full-figured body standing in the dark doorway.

We don’t like it! We don’t like it one bit!

Taking the advice from a few followers, Ellis saged his apartment to clear it of negative energy. But unfortunately, the sage seemed to heighten the activity. After not having dreamt of Dear David for months, David reappeared in Ellis’ dreams that night.

David didn’t do anything, like he had in other dreams, but nevertheless, he was back.

On August 21st, Ellis tweeted that for the first time during this entire series of events, he actually felt unsafe in his home that Friday night. He fell asleep early and dreamt that David was dragging him through an empty warehouse.

Although the bruise was a bit shocking, Ellis figured perhaps he had injured his arm the day before and the slight pain manifested in the dream. He brushed it off and went out for coffee that morning.

Surprised that the usually bustling hub was deserted, Ellis popped his head inside the warehouse to see if he could figure out why it was so dead.

Ellis reported that on his way back from the coffee place, the warehouse shutter had been closed and has since remained closed. The dream, bruise, and warehouse were all giving him (and us) the creeps.

More recently, Ellis’ cats have begun their scratching-and-meowing-at-the-door ritual earlier and earlier each night. The cats have now been doing their thing from about 10:00 to 10:15, and then at 10:30 Ellis has been receiving calls from an unknown number.

He answered one night, assuming it was a telemarketing number calling with an automated message. But when he picked up the phone, there was no one there.

The static stopped and Ellis thought he heard faint breathing on the other end.

Ellis hung up, closed all the curtains, and turned on all the lights. If we were him, we would have honestly launched ourselves off the face of the Earth. But Ellis stayed and pushed on.

Yesterday, Ellis informed us that he’s going on a trip to Japan in three weeks, and in preparation, he installed a wifi-connected nanny cam to keep an eye on his cats. This camera runs 24/7 and sends alerts to his phone when motion or sound is detected.

The phone pinged when the cats moved around the apartment, as it should have. But as we all were expecting at this point, it pinged for something else, too.

Oh no. Absolutely not.

If you remember, that’s the green rocking chair Dear David first appeared in during Ellis’ original Dear David dream. Unfortunately, Ellis received another alert about 30 minutes later.

Watch the turtle shell hanging above the shelving unit.

Some followers noticed that the blue chair in the background of the first video is not there. Others say it is and the lighting was changed. Either way, Ellis couldn’t handle it and we don’t blame him.

The green rocking chair has now been banished to the hallway. We’ll see if that keeps Dear David at bay. As much as we feel for Ellis, this series of threads is riveting.

The entire internet is here for you, Adam!