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Credit: Victoria Beckham / Instagram

Get ready for cuteness overload.

As if he weren’t hot enough — on and off the soccer field — David Beckham has wooed us again, this time by sewing a doll dress for his four-year-old daughter, Harper. Father of the Year, most def! On Friday, his fashion designer wife, Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, posted the proof on Instagram for her 9.6 million followers to see and swoon over.

In one day, the post received 362,000 (!) likes on Instagram, and probably tons more by the time you’re reading this. NBD, right?

Here’s a closer look at David Beckham, hard at work. Don’t you love his attention to detail (even though the pattern looks like it’s more for making a doll vs. her dress)?

Credit: Victoria Beckham / Instagram

Guess his focus on the field lends itself well to focus on other tasks, like stitching. And love for his daughter. Aww. And we didn’t think it was possible to crush on him even more than we did before.

Harper is the youngest of four children that David and Victoria have, and the only girl. She definitely fits in with this does-everything-together-unbelievably-photogenic family, though. Check out the whole bunch:

Credit: Jeff Vespa / Getty Images for Burberry

Told you.

“She loves fashion, as all of the girls do,” Victoria told Good Morning America last year about her daughter.

For us, no matter if Harper wants to play soccer or dance, we just hope her dolls need more dresses, so we can see more pics of Beckham at work.