This dad just turned his daughter into a giant cloud princess for Halloween — YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS

Halloween just got super awesome, and a little stormy, for one little girl – thanks to her super creative dad. A very inventive and incredibly handy father created a thunderstorm costume for his daughter Zoey (called “Princess Cumulus”), and it’s the cutest thunderstorm we’ve ever seen.

The best part of Halloween – aside from the all the candy, scary movies and, pumpkin spiced everything – is by far the costumes. Kids and adults get to dress up like whoever or whatever they want, because Halloween is for self-expression and creativity.

And adorable Zoey is certainly expressing herself as Princess Cumulus.

"I like to go a little crazy with costumes for my daughter every year," Zoey's dad wrote on YouTube. "We have fun making them together. This year's costume may be a bit impractical for actual trick-or-treating so she's going to go with her original plan of being wonder woman. Made with a blow up suit, digital LED strips and a programmed arduino."

Even better! Zoey gets to wear TWO rad costumes this Halloween season. If you can’t be a thunderstorm while collecting gobs of candy, you might as well be Wonder Woman.

Here’s Zoey as Princess Cumulus:

This isn’t the first time Zoey’s dad has incorporated a cloud into her Halloween costume. Last year, she dressed as El Niño — and it was pretty incredible (and wet).

But she ended up going as Elsa, because El Niño isn’t exactly trick-or-treat friendly.

Good thing her dad is awesome and totally willing to spend an evening underneath a personal rain cloud for the sake of his daughter’s delight.

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