Dancing with your dog in 3 simple steps

Dancing with your dog in three steps:

1. Pick music your dog will like. Dot really only likes jazz; if I play anything harder, she will swiftly hide under the nearest piece of furniture, and thus Louis Armstrong’s “Hello Dolly” seemed like a good pick for her!

2. Cater your dance style to your dog. What sort of moves does your dog have? Dot spins her tail – I like to call that “The Pinwheel”. She also stares at me in a way that suggests she thinks I’m crazy. It’s like having my very own canine Bea Arthur to silently mock every move I make. What a delight!

3. Work with your dog’s size. Dot is only 9 lbs, so I can pick her up, but if your dog is too big to carry, then dance around him. He will either a) know you want to see his best dance moves or b) become very confused by your erratic movement and react with fear and/or aggression! Either way, it’s hilarious. (Fun Suggestion: Dudes, you MAY want to wear a cup for this.)

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