Our favorite sisters are at it again. You know, just loving each other and being the most adorable sisters ever without even trying. In case you need more proof — Dakota Fanning wished her sister Elle a happy birthday via Instagram, and her message makes us want to hug them both and congratulate their parents on being awesome at raising two incredible daughters.

Elle turned 19 years old on Sunday, and her older sister took her birthday as an opportunity to remind her how much she is loved.

Dakota posted an adorable photo of Elle as a little girl being all cute and wide-eyed. And the message that accompanied the pic is making us super emotional.

Whether they mean to be or not, Dakota and Elle are the epitome of sister goals.

Dakota turned 23 on February 23rd, and Elle shared a video to Instagram of the two of them dancing when they were tiny girls.

We can’t get enough of their sisterhood and friendship. Happy birthday, Elle!