We’ve all been there. While our parents don’t necessarily set out to embarrass us (most of the time, anyway), there are some moments when we CANNOT EVEN DEAL with their shenanigans. It doesn’t mean we love them any less, of course — but we just wish they would be a little less…uh, mortifying.

Such is the case in this particular video of a young boy’s first day back at school. He’s steadfastly refusing to go to his first class with his dad in tow, and only after a little coaxing from his father do we find out exactly why he’s so reluctant — his dad is wearing an embarrassing sweater! It’s purple, and has stars all over it, and it has some kind of bright red pattern on the sleeve. It has…character, OK?

“I don’t like your sweater!” the kid declares, even going as far as to label the sweater “awful.” Meanwhile, Dad thinks he looks “just fine” — but try telling that to his son!

It’s definitely an interesting choice of sweater, that’s for sure — and we don’t actually find out if the dad conceded and changed the sweater before taking his kid to class — but it’s a chuckle-worthy reminder that sometimes, our parents do things that leave us shaking our heads, or trying to hide our faces against the wall.

Besides, we’re pretty sure both father and son are going to look back on this moment years into the future and laugh. Who knows? Maybe the sweater will become a family heirloom.

[Featured image YouTube]