Daddy and I aren’t yelling, we’re just using our outside voices

My husband and I made a pact to never fight in front of our children. However, we’re only human, so sometimes we can’t control our emotions as much as we’d like to and sometimes our quiet discussions turn into arguments and one of us loses it and yells. So I try to explain to Sunny that we are in no way arguing, we’re just speaking loudly as we are outside, or the windows are open so we can’t hear each other as well and have to speak up.

Lately, we have been getting along better than ever, and I’ve realized half of the arguments we have these days are really silly. Embarrassing, really. Over the years, I’ve realized that celebrities like J.Lo, and movies like Titanic and The Notebook easily influence me. When Ben Affleck and J.Lo did an interview with Diane Sawyer letting the world in on how they got engaged, my then boyfriend/now husband and I almost broke up. I watched with envy as Ben Affleck described how he lovingly put rose petals all over the stairs leading up to the bedroom and J.Lo smiled while showing Diane and the rest of us her six carat pink diamond ring. Before the interview was even over, I ran into the other room and told my boyfriend he was unromantic, he was never going to propose to me and he’d never get me a ring like J.Lo (UM, DUH). We spent the next few hours arguing about the fact that he wasn’t Ben and I wasn’t J.Lo and we were “us” and we’d get married at our own pace. The one thing he agreed with me on is that I was not going to get a ring like J.Lo’s.

When Leo and Kate fell in love in Titanic, I didn’t talk to him for an entire day because I felt like he wasn’t obsessed with me the way Jack was with Rose. I cried and cried as I asked him, “Would you freeze to death for me like Jack did?” He just kept saying, “This never happened. Are you crazy?” When I saw The Notebook, I asked him in an accusatory tone if he’d stay with me if I got dementia. He looked at me for a long time, held my face lovingly in his hands, and then said, “Depends how long you had it for.”

The more I think about it, the more I realize just how many truly dumb fights he and I have had.  We once fought for an hour at 2 in the morning over 1 degree in the thermostat.

What’s the dumbest fight you and your significant other ever had?