This Halloween, Ryan Miller’s eight-year-old son, Jeremy, will be a Star Wars Rebel Alliance fighter. He’ll also put every other Star Wars costume to shame. That’s because his dad built a virtual Snowspeeder around his wheelchair.

Jeremy, who has spinal bifida, which affects the spine and requires him to use a wheelchair, watched his dad spend two weeks on the rad contraption. “He saw it throughout the build process and every night he would have this open-mouthed look of shock,” Ryan tells CNET. “He couldn’t wait to get in it.”

By the way, this isn’t the first time Ryan’s created a kickass costume for Jeremy. Last year, he transformed his son’s wheelchair into Captain America’s motorcycle. Yeah, it was amazing. But this year’s costume wins hands down.

Jeremy’s Star Wars Snowspeeder has brake flaps, and actual blasters that shoot Nerf darts and glow thanks to glow sticks. The attention to detail is so on-point, including Jeremy’s awesome helmet. In the event of a Dark Side attack on his neighborhood, Jeremy is going to be ready to save the day.

(Image via Twitter)