Kathryn Lindsay
April 20, 2016 12:50 pm
Sydney Rucker/ twitter.com

So many girls dream of that first moment when they put on their perfect prom dress . . . which is why Sydney Rucker of North Carolina was probably surprised when her dad beat her to it. According to the Huffington Post, the senior at Panther Creek High School was in class on Tuesday when she got a text from her parents with some really unexpected photos.

Sydney’s gown is from Fame & Partners and arrived in the mail. Sydney told HuffPost that when it came while she was at school, her pops jokingly “decided to take it out of the box and try it on!” Then he surprised her with the pictures in a group text she shares with her parents. The hilarious photos show him posing with the flowy, light blue dress draped around his neck, complete with the caption, “I have to admit that I look FAAAAABULOUS!!!!!!!!!”

And we have to admit — he does look fabulous.

Syndey did her dad one better by sharing his goofy pics on Twitter. But who knows, Fame & Partners very well might have a new model on their hands!

This is just one of many crazy things that has happened this spring during the whirlwind that is prom season. This past week, another high schooler had a hilarious encounter with the perils of online shopping for a prom dress, and a high school in California is doing something super controversial with this year’s dress code. Luckily, Sydney’s story is just plain silly.

We’re happy that Sydney’s whole family is getting into the spirit of the season. We know this is a night that she (and also her dad) will never forget.