One dad left a note in his teen daughter’s lunch to help release her into the great, wide world of adulthood — and the viral Tweet is probably the cutest thing you’ll see all year.

Tom, father to 18-year-old Meg Sullivan, peeled oranges daily for Meg’s school lunches all throughout her academic lunch.

According to Meg, family members teased Tom for still taking such care to pack her lunches, even though she’d grown old enough to do it herself.

On her very last day of high school, just before she would graduate and enter the “real world,” Tom placed unpeeled oranges in his daughter’s lunch, along with a note.

But, nope, that wasn’t it: Instead, Meg found printed-off instructions from wikiHow on how to peel an orange, along with the most adorable note of all time: “It’s time baby girl :(”

After Meg posted a photo to social media, Twitter lost its collective mind over the note, which somehow achieved the perfect balance of cute, bittersweet, and teasing. Even wikiHow chimed in:

BRB, crying happy tears.