For anyone that isn’t a die-hard book lover, literature can seem pretty boring. But that’s not the case at all. From books that help change our understanding of the world to books that help with self-care, they do a whole more than just give readers a good story. Because literature does so much to enrich our lives, it is important that we fight for schools’ inclusions of books that have been banned for various reasons. So when this eighth grade student had to get parental permission to read Fahrenheit 451 in school, his dad’s response was perfect.

Ever the comedian, Radosh’s response quickly gained popularity over the Internet. Check it out for yourself:

His response to the teacher reads:

Humor aside, the permission slip sheds a much-needed light on the limitations in literature that still exist today. There’s a long history of books being banned from schools and libraries for various themes, but most of the reasons seem pretty ridiculous now. Especially when it comes to classic novels like Fahrenheit 451, it’s ironic that we’re dealing with a novel and real-life issue of censorship. Permission slips to read novels in school (especially for eighth graders like Radosh’s son) seem like they need to be a thing of the past.