A little boy named Dom (okay, maybe his dad) recently created his own Instagram page to show off his artwork. Dom draws mostly animals, throwing in a portrait here and there or an occasional still life. As a six-year-old, Dom’s drawings are cute and kid-like, but the thing that make’s Dom’s art and Instagram page so unique, is the fact that his dad Photoshops Dom’s photos into the real things he gathers his inspiration from.

It’s a little hard to explain, so we’ll show you an example of what Dom and his Dad get up to on Instagram. Warning: the visuals can be scary but super cute at the same time.

Here’s Dom’s drawing of a lion. “Don’t be so silly — this isn’t the sun!” Dom began the caption of this piece.

Then, Dom’s dad does something really cool — and actually really horrifying. He takes Dom’s drawings and brings them to life!

Dom captions this altered photo, “Here’s the real lion — he’s a strange looking chap.”

The six-year-old started his account about a year ago with this primitive yet expressive drawing of the family cat.

Then Mum took a photo of the cat, and proved to us that Dom does not have an active imagination, but actually an eye for realism. How amazing. She is “like a sausage all covered with fur!” (Thanks, of course, to Dad’s Photoshopping skills).

Since that first post Dom and Dad have picked up over 45,000 followers using their “I draw what I saw” tag line, exemplified in this post of Dom’s penguin sketch.

And Dom’s art has gotten more vibrant since his early days. He only recently started using colored markers to add dimension to his pieces. This seahorse drawing looks remarkably accurate to the real seahorse Dad captured in the photo below.

But of course, sometimes not all of Dom’s art is beautiful, and an artist’s temper gets the best of him.

Let’s hope this croc was looking this way before Dom ripped up his reptilian sketch.

Even though he sometimes scares us, Dom’s dad is pretty freaking cool.

Keep up to date with the latest Dom and Dad creations on Instagram @thingsihavedrawn. Dom is destined for artistic greatness as long as these strange and somewhat hideous creatures are afoot.