Teaching your kids about good dental hygiene is almost always a challenge (because kids pretty much love sugar, and hate brushing their teeth). But one dad figured out the perfect solution: his son woke up to find a letter from the “tooth fairy” about dental hygiene, and we are certain all parents will applaud.

Henry Warren, dad of eight-year-old Sam, was kind of at his wit’s end when it came to getting Sam to take care of his teeth. So he did what any incredibly creative parent would do — he crafted a stern and official letter from “Barry T. Tooth Fairy,” — aka, the Tooth Fairy himself. Seriously, this dad pulled out all the stops, and made it clear that the TF was not having any more of Sam’s tooth-neglect shenanigans,

The note reads:

Sam woke up to the above letter after he left a tooth under his pillow (and was expecting some coinage). Meanwhile, parents applauded Warren for his tactic, and even dental hygiene giants like Colgate were cheering at the letter from “Barry.”

We have a feeling Sam will be laying off the sweets…at least for a while…and that parents everywhere are drafting up similar letters for their toothless kiddies.