Carina Sitkus
Updated September 04, 2015

A dad wrote a letter to his newborn daughter, and it might just encapsulate everything there is to love about father-daughter relationships on top of what’s best about life: literature.

The dad, Edd McCracken from Edinburgh, Scotland, decided the most important first lesson he could teach his precious little one, Matilda, was the significance of books. In typical dad fashion, he managed to be endearing and embarrassing at the same time, sneaking in a few comments that’ll no doubt make the teenage Matilda blush. But the lesson’s worth it. And I’m not the only one who thinks so: Book Riot posted the letter last week, and it’s since been shared over 11.6K times.

My mom and I would read together every night before bed, and I credit that routine with my love of words and my livelihood as a writer today. Little Matilda is lucky to learn this early: books are life.

If you don’t already agree, you will by the end of Edd’s letter. It begins:

“Dear Matilda, It’s your dad here. The one without the milk,

He goes on to explain that he hasn’t felt much like a parent, what with all the chores and changing diapers and things, so he decides to impart his wisdom on the magic of books.

And it just keeps getting better… and more beautiful. He continues:

Even the not so beautiful parts are right on point:

Matilda is one lucky girl, don’t you agree? Read the full letter here. (Image via iStock) Related: This dad’s letter to his daughter on her wedding day swells our hearts