Elizabeth Entenman
Updated Apr 23, 2016 @ 8:44 am
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Credit: Twitter

The award for expert trolling of the week goes to: Beth Leak of Woodstock, Georgia. After her dad frustratedly punched a hole in the wall of their home, she decided to have a little fun and put a frame around it. Beth’s brother Scott posted a pic of the work of art on Twitter, and the internet went crazy.

The Leaks now have a hilarious memento in their home forever, or at least until they can patch it up with some drywall. People on Twitter are totally loving it. Some even appear to be inspired.

But don’t worry, Leak’s dad doesn’t have any issues with anger. He told BuzzFeed that the hole happened because his dad was mad at himself about something. As for the rest of the family? They think it’s totally hilarious. Apparently Leak’s sis pulls these kinds of funny pranks regularly.

The hole truly is a work of art, and we hope the Leak family keeps it framed for years to come.