Briana Hansen
April 16, 2016 3:48 pm

What’s the best way to cope with raising four young daughters? Well, if you’re a father with a great sense of humor (and some absolutely adorable offspring), you share your hilarious interactions on Twitter, of course.

That’s at least what comedy writer James Breakwell has done. And it’s working out for him because his Twitter handle, XplodingUnicorn (we’re already sold on the name alone) is taking off.

James (or Mr. Unicorn, as I’m sure he prefers) has been tweeting some absolutely hilarious interactions with his daughters. Like when his 3-year-old suspects a boy might have a crush on her:

Or when his toddler tried to use The Force to pick a dropped Cheerio off the ground

One of the best parts about the tweets is that it’s obvious he’s not only a great father who adores his little girls, but that his daughters are actually really perceptive and intelligent. Like when he got out-logic-ed by his 5-year-old:

His matter-of-fact conversations and examples of perfect kid logic make light of even some of the more frustrating moments of parenthood, like trying to stop a fight:

He documents lots of different interactions on his page, from strangers to TSA agents to his (also hilarious sounding) wife. While they’ll all make you LOL for sure, the kid ones have that extra ingredient of loving adorableness that makes him really stand out.

Well done Mr. Unicorn. Keep up the good work.