Gina Florio
March 13, 2017 12:13 pm
Clint Edwards /

We’ve all been in a restaurant before and seen or heard a kid crying because of something they’re upset about. Those of us who aren’t parents have probably experienced annoyance at such tantrums at one point in our lives. This dad is asking you to be a bit more understanding of tantrums, though, because parents are trying their hardest to take care of their children, even if things go pear shaped every once in a while.

Clint Edwards is an everyday dad of three who runs a blog called No Idea What I’m Doing, and he regularly writes about the tough parts of parenthood that nobody really talks about. In his most recent Facebook post, Clint shares that his last family outing to a restaurant didn’t exactly go according to plan. His 2-year-old daughter threw a tantrum, and as he took her outside kicking and screaming, he noticed that there were a lot of judgmental looks being thrown his way.

Apparently, Clint’s daughter wanted to throw around chicken strips at the dinner table, but he and his wife (understandably) instructed her not to do so. She screamed and kicked as a result, and Clint “had the pleasure of dragging her out of Red Robin.”

Clint wants everyone to know that parents can’t control their kids. That’s just not how parenting works. Toddlers need time to learn and grow, and parents are doing the best they can to “turn a child into a person.” It would be great if we could all leave the judgment aside and instead “realize that what you are witnessing is not bad parenting, but rather, parents working hard to fix the situation.”

From Clint’s Facebook and popular blog, you can tell that he’s a hands-on dad. He cares very much about raising caring, loving kids, and he’s not afraid to dish out a dose of reality to those of us who don’t have children.

“Your parents did the same with you, and that’s how you now know how to recognize when a child does something irritating in a restaurant,” he continues. So true.

Next time we see a screaming kid at a bar, Clint’s words will resound loudly through our head. Because we know he and every other dad out there is doing the best they can with raising their kids.