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Babies deserve way more credit than we give them. They’re capable of so much more than incessant drooling, babbling, exploding diapers and having resting adorable face, and nothing drives that point home better than this video of a dad and his baby washing a car together.

In case you doubt the validity of the aforementioned claims about all the amazing things that babies can do, this comes straight from the How to Dad of YouTube fame (aka, the same dad who taught his baby Alba to clean house), so trust and believe when we say that we need to stop sleeping on the vast potential of these wee ones because they’re actually ready to start taking on adult tasks, perhaps even before they’re fully potty trained.

So as How to Dad successfully demonstrates, washing your vehicle no longer has to be a loathsome task that you pay someone else to do, or put off until you’re comfortable with driving around in a car-turned-overflowing garbage can. Instead of stressing over this chore or spending cash to get it done, How to Dad recommends you get your baby to lend a tiny helping hand.

And if you don’t have a baby, borrow one because they’re quite the hard-working helpers.

Plus babies don’t take chores too seriously.

But they still like to stay cute while cleaning.

Like, this is genius, y’all. If you want the job done right, don’t enlist the help of another useless adult. Get a baby to do it and the time you spend on chores will be much more fun.