Baby sitting in tub
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We need to acknowledge all the fathers out there who are putting in their time. Furthermore, we need to give it up to this particular dad, who found the most adorable way to keep shampoo out of his baby daughter’s eyes. It might not be the most practical,

It might not be the most practical, but it sure works!

As a result of his efforts, Jae from London wins the best dad award this week. He’s right up there with this hairstyling dad and Shaycarl, the internet’s real dad. Keep it up Jae! You make fathers everywhere very proud. false

Jae’s one-year-old daughter was distressed over shampoo getting in her eyes when she took a bath. And who wouldn’t be? Shampoo in the eyes is the worst!

Since Jae is basically super-dad, he came up with a brilliant idea. Goggles.


Instead of making his daughter lean back or close her eyes, he gave her a pair of goggles. Just like the ones swimmers wear. As a result, an amazing solution to an age-old problem was born.

According to an interview with Buzzfeed, Jae explained why he got so creative:

Now it’s clear that he’s the favorite parent.

Jae first showed his daughter that the goggles worked by spraying her eyes with water. After seeing that it wouldn’t hurt her, he continued the shower routine. Jae joins the ranks of celebrities who know how to have proper bath time.

Hopefully, more fathers learn to get creative with their kids. Take notes, dudes. Sometimes you have to think outside the box and inside the bathtub.