tom dumoulin cyclist
Credit: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Coming in first place isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, particularly if you ask this cyclist who stopped to poop during a race. According to Deadspin, rider Tom Dumoulin led his Giro D’Italia competitors halfway through the 16th stage when the overwhelming urge to do number two forced him off the road and into a nearby field to relieve himself.

Call it embarrassing (it is), face-palm your way through it (we are), or whatever, but we totally get it. Sure, Dumoulin’s mind probably told him it wasn’t exactly the best time to poop, but hey what are you gonna do? When nature calls, it expects to be answered no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Cameras captured the cyclist pulling over on the roadside and frantically stripping out of his uniform to take a poop while other cyclists rode right past him.

Dumoulin had no qualms about revealing the reason behind his urgent mid-race pit stop. “I needed to take a dump,” he admitted during an interview. “I could not hold it anymore.”

While Dumoulin confessed to being extremely disappointed by the awful timing of his digestive distraction, he remains a contender in the race as the ninth placeholder in stage 18, according to the BBC. The race ends Sunday in Milan.

Even though this isn’t the highlight reel Dumoulin dreamed of, he isn’t the only cyclist in the history of the sport to be forced to stop for a potty break. In 2015, a cyclist who stopped to poop on a hillside in Idaho accidentally sparked a 73-acre wildfire after he burned his toilet paper.