This post was written by Travis Greenwood on The Dodo.

The bunnies that hop amongst us are real. . .and really amazing.

1. This one, Donald Thump, who shares a sweeping resemblance with a certain New York City real-estate baron.

Source: Imgur

2. This one, that blocks out all light on Earth.

3. This one, that’s fed up with your Big Bang Theory reruns.

4. This one, who should team up with the Cookie Tin Thief to form a super-duo of cookie burglars.

5. This one, that looks eggs-tremely cozy in its temporary shell-ter. (Cue the rim shot because.)

Source: Teh Cute

6. This one, that’s a beer short of a six-pack. You might say he has a nose for hops.

Source: Bunya

7. And then this one, that actually has mad hops.

Source: Daily Mail

8. This one that’s all, “But first, let me take a selfie.”

9. These two bunnies, and their pal, who probably just made you squeal out loud.

Source: Imgur

10. This one, who struck grocery gold.

Source: Imgur

11. This one, who doesn’t think the tortoise or the hare should win the race.

12. And this one, that beelines for the food at parties. I’ve been this bunny. You’ve been this bunny. We’ve all been this bunny.

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