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If the 12-pack of Cup Noodles in your pantry just isn’t providing enough instant ramen in your life, now you can put your ramen love on display with this Cup Noodles candle. When you think of decorative candles, discount bulk noodles probably don’t come to mind. But hey, Cup Noodles, the Styrofoam cup ramen that has become such a staple of the college student/budget junk food diet (pairs well with watery beer), is pretty iconic at this point, so why not?

The greatest disappointment of this candle is that it doesn’t actually make your house smell like ramen, despite what one customer insists. You’ll have to combine the candle with some ramen noodle fragrance for that. But at least it looks exactly like the real thing. So much like the real thing that, if you’re not careful, you might just end up with a mouthful of wax shrimp. One other downside to the candle: If the main advantage of Cup Noodles is how cheap they are, it seems wrong to have to pay $30+ to get one of these candles in the States. You’re going to have to really love Cup Noodles for the price to be worth it.

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Of course, this candle is far from the weirdest ramen paraphernalia we’ve ever seen. Like, how about that ramen-scented bath powder from last fall or the time that NYC dessert shop tried to convince us that ice cream ramen was a thing? If you’re a fan of weird and unexpected decorative candles, you might want to check out the KFC-scented candle, the Pringles-scented candle, or these Thanksgiving dinner-scented candles.

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