Margaret Eby
February 04, 2015 6:10 am

This guy might just have to take the prize for coolest dad this week. Or ever.

Greg Wickherst is the father of an almost three-year-old little girl named Izzy. He and Izzy’s mom split up over a year ago, and Izzy mostly lives with him.

Wickherst has been shaving his head for years, so when it came down to helping Izzy fix her hair in the morning, he wasn’t quite sure what to do. “Hair has definitely not been my thing,” he told the Huffington Post. But luckily, Wickherst works as an admissions representative at IntelliTec College, which just so happens to have a cosmetology program.

So Wickherst went to some cosmetology students at IntelliTec and asked for their help. Soon he went from a beginner to a hair master, fixing Izzy’s hair into intricate, pretty braids as well as simple ponytails. And he documents her good hair days (which are most of them!) on Facebook. There are fishtail braids and ponytails and even ballet-style braided buns. Izzy must be the most stylin’ girl in her preschool class.

He told HuffPo that he’s learned to enjoy every minute of his time with Izzy. “The good and the not-so good. Even the blowout diapers, the tantrums in the store, and the late night, up sick, catching-throw-up-in-your-bare-hands nights. Because it doesn’t last forever,” he said.

Love this man.

(Images via Facebook)