Kenya Foy
Updated Apr 11, 2017 @ 4:53 am
Maxi Cruise MSC Divina Sails Into Venice Amid Protests
Credit: Marco Secchi/Getty Images

Depending on what type of vacationer you are, chillin’ on the sun deck of an elaborate cruise ship might sound like heaven on earth. But that has a lot to do with whether the big ol’ glamorous boat remains steady on the water, unlike this cruise ship rocking in rough winds.

After watching this video of a cruise ship teetering on the sea, living on a cruise ship instantly went from sounding like a genius idea to the worst suggestion in the history of suggestions. Ordinarily, if someone asked what to pack for a cruise, we’d say don’t leave home with your anti-motion sickness meds, but we’re not really sure how much help they’d be in this absolutely terrifying scenario.

In the clip, the enormous ship can be seen from a distance rocking back and forth. If someone put a huge seesaw on water, it would probably look something like this:

GAH. Only a stomach of steel could tolerate all of that motion in the ocean. We’ve seen how the inside of a ship cabin looks during a storm, and the aftermath of being tossed around by monstrous waves is not a pretty sight.

Either way, don’t let this tipping ship deter you from living out your dream of working on a luxury liner or getting paid to cruise the world and snapping Instagram pics.

Just make sure to hold on to the rails and brace yourselves for what will either be the most beautiful or the most nauseating ride of your life.