creative sex positions
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In case you needed a reason to knock boots this weekend, June 9th marks National Sex Day, which means it’s basically your patriotic duty to experiment with some hot new sex positions with your lover. If you ever needed a reason to get creative in the boudoir, then this day would be it. Plus, if you’re in a sex rut (and hey — it happens) you’ll definitely get the inspo you need with these five creative sex positions to try out this weekend.

“Not all sex positions need to be acrobatic, and you don’t get extra points (or orgasms) for burning additional calories during sex, so don’t feel pressure to turn every sex session into a circus performance,” says Dr. Jess O’Reilly, host of the @SexWithDrJess podcast. “Instead, focus on your own comfort and pleasure and experiment with different positions and props that suit your specific needs.”

These recommended sex positions from O’Reilly are not only super stimulating and pleasurable, but they’re also not so crazy that they’ll result in you seeking a visit to the chiropractor afterwards. And, of course, they’re hot AF.

You’re welcome.

1. The Gentle Spoons

“This position is not only easy on the back, but highly intimate as your bodies benefit from full-length skin-to-skin contact. You simply lie in a spooning position, one behind the other. Use pillows beneath your arm and hips for added comfort.”

2. The Snake

“This is a great position for comfort, closeness, and clitoral stimulation. One partner lies their stomach and the other lies on top to approach from behind. The upper partner props themselves up on their hands or elbows, and you can place a pillow under the lower partner’s hips for support and/or added friction.”

3. The “Rub Her” Cowgirl

“One partner lies on their back with their feet on the mattress and legs bent. The other sits on top facing the supine partner’s feet and leans against their thighs for extra support (and pressure against their clitoris, if they have one). This is the ultimate position for both comfort and pleasure.”

4. The Swing Set

“One partner lies on their back with their legs hanging off of the bed and their feet on the floor. Place pillows beneath their head and hips for comfort and to adjust the angle according to your pleasure preferences. The other stands on the ground between their legs and places their hands against their hips as they rock, grind, and slide inside.”

5. Knees-Up Missionary

“One partner (the one with the more sensitive back) lies on their back and the other lies on top supported by pillows. The lower partner pulls their legs up, bending their knees to reduce pressure.”

O’Reilly adds, “Researchers have looked into the best positions for back pain, but ultimately each person’s risks and injuries are unique, so the best advice is to take it slow, experiment, and be sure to communicate your needs (and any discomfort) to your partner from the onset.”

So don’t go full-on circus, people. Instead, focus on flow and fun and being in the moment. You got this!