Wei-Ning Yu
Updated Jul 22, 2017 @ 2:55 pm
cow in a field
Credit: Getty Images

A cow was seen browsing the moo-vie listings at her local cinemas in Gloucestershire, UK. And isn’t the very thought of that a mind and belly tickler? See, even hard-grazing bovines need to let their hair down every once in awhile and lose themselves in a well-crafted, visual narrative. With so many great options in theaters, this movie-loving cow was hard-pressed to make a decision. And what better way to actually view her options than to press her nose up against the encasement? Of course, the local shoppers and town centre staff were a little more than surprised to see the black cow, wandering their streets in the early hours. It wasn’t long before Gloucestershire police received calls regarding the four-legged cinephile.

Let us feast our eyes on this amazing photo of our wandering cow friend.

Aww, yes. Will it be Christopher Nolan’s new epic, Dunkirk, in glorious 70mm print? Or will it be the summer fan-favorite, Baby Driver — a musical/action film smash-up? Or Luc Besson’s latest venture in the sci-fi territory with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets? With so many tempting options, it’s no wonder this decision was not easily made.

Of course, when the internet learned of the moo-vie (sorry, we had to, again.) incident, it unleashed some pretty funny responses.


Ah, nothing like puns on puns on puns. Oh well. We wrap this awesome bovine adventure, knowing the wonderful men and women of the Gloucestershire police force sent for the cow’s farmer. She had wandered into a neighboring car park, and we can only assume she was ready to call it a day. All’s well that ends well.