Christina Pellegrini
March 11, 2017 9:57 am

If the world’s starting to get you down, take heart: Out there somewhere, exists an adorable toad, who wears equally adorable hats.

Here’s how this real-life fairy tale came true.

One fateful day, a toad appeared on the porch of a man named Chris Newsome. The toad kept coming back, so Chris named him (what else?) Mr. Toad. (Side note: No one is sure if this particular toad is a male or female, but we digress.)


But then, something magical happened.

To cheer up a friend’s kid, Chris decided to make wild, wonderful hats for Mr. Toad.


Here’s how Chris explained what happened to Mashable:


Boy, was he right. Since then, Twitter has been abuzz with people in love with Mr. Toad and his crazy couture hat collection.

Honestly, is there anything more joyful than a toad in a hat? We think not.

Alright, Mr. Toad. Go on now and wrangle up some grubs now, ya hear?