Sammy Nickalls
August 20, 2015 11:38 am

When a couple went on a lovely summer vacation to the beach, they snapped a cute kissing pic — you know, as one does when they’re on vacation with their bae. And it turned out nice — would be a good profile pic. . . except for a kid who accidentally photobombed by playing with a volleyball in the background. Darn it.

But the couple was determined to get their perfect kissing picture, so Imgurian Damnfiddles decided to take to Imgur and ask the tech-savvy folks on there to help out. Posting the original pic, he asked the Internet to Photoshop the kid out of the picture.

Unfortunately, this poor soul must have forgotten (or totally known) that if you ask anyone on Imgur to do something, they likely will do the exact opposite. I mean, they certainly Photoshopped the picture for SURE, but not exactly the way Damnfiddles was hoping. Some people made the kid hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, while others added in funny-looking dogs and cartoon characters.

Still others DID take out the kid, but then added a sea monster, because hey, every romantic beach pic needs a sea monster.

One thing’s for sure: Imgurians are creative, and even if they’re not exactly compliant, their trolling is pretty hysterical. But good news: SentimentalX lived up to their screen name and actually did it, sans sea monster, for the couple. “Hey I actually did this if OP is lurkin’ here,” the Imgurian wrote, along with a link to the Photoshopped pic.

Yay! A win-win for everybody: Imgurians got to be ridiculous as per usual, and the couple got their perfect kissing pic to hang on their wall. And it’s all thanks to the Internet.

(Images via Damnfiddles Imgur/SentimentalX Imgur)


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