peanut butter corgi

I know, I know, Friday still feels forever away. Making it through the next couple days feels like an insurmountable task — but fear not. The Internet gods are here to help.

Enter Peanut Butter: A tiny, 9-week-old corgi puppy just trying to make it through the day like the rest of us. As we all know, the Internet loves corgis, and a corgi puppy — well, that just elevates our feelings to new heights. Peanut Butter is no exception. His owner, Alvin Hsu, recently posted a video of the pup attempting to go down some stairs on YouTube. This video is the key to life itself. The floppy ears, head tilts, and (literal) puppy eyes are enough to win us over, but it only gets better from there. After a little coaxing, Peanut Butter tentatively makes it down one step, before slipping and landing on a second. We are all Peanut Butter.

In the video, Hsu is very encouraging, but Peanut Butter isn’t having it. He plops down and gives up after that second step — before climbing back up a stair, just because he can. The whole thing is absurdly cute, and Peanut Butter is my hero. He makes me believe anything is possible. Like Peanut Butter, if we face our fears, we, too, might just be able to achieve our goals by mistake.

Peanut Butter for President 2016. You can like him on Facebook here.

(Image via video.)