Sammy Nickalls
April 12, 2015 11:27 am

What do you get when you cross the world’s cutest dog breed and our most beloved summer chill spot? CORGI BEACH DAY. This is not a drill, guys. Yes, such a fabulous day does, indeed, exist, and it was yesterday.

Over on Huntington Beach, California, an estimated 500 corgis (some of them IN COSTUME for the corgi costume contest, omg omg omg) and their owners attended the fabulous celebration, to let their pups play in the waves, compete in a limbo contest (yes, seriously), and pose for some fab photos, according to Orange County Register.

Corgi Beach Day is all thanks to the Dan and Kelly McLemore, who organizes Corgi Beach Day. It all started when they adopted their first corgi, 8-year-old Mr. Pickles (d’aw!). From then on, it was pure puppy love, and the McLemores took to social media about five years ago to start connecting with other corgi owners.

“It more started as a group of friends,” Dan McLemore told OC Registerbut it quickly became much more than that. The group started crowdfunding when an owner’s pup needed surgery, or spreading the word to find a lost corgi. And in October of 2012, the group decided to meet in person, resulting in the very first Corgi Beach Day. The group has tried to meet every three months since—and yesterday was the ninth time.

The group, entitled “So Cal Corgi Nation,” had a fabulous banner (underneath which Mr. Pickles, the group’s mascot, sat donned in his best beachy outfit). The group also sold merch, the profits of which went to Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue. The rescue organization is a nonprofit started in 2013 and aims to place corgis in forever homes. BTW, it doesn’t only have the best name: it also has the best slogan, “saving low-riders, one bark at a time.”

We are SO jealous and wish we could have attended to watch the adorableness in action, but you can bet we’ll be attending next time. Until then, here are some super cute pics from the Orange County Register that are making us freak out:

(Photos via Mindy Schauer/Orange County Register)