Johnni Macke
December 24, 2016 8:00 am
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Christmas is a time for relaxing, seeing family, eating cookies and singing carols. The best part however is that when the holidays hit it means all your siblings will be back under one roof. With this mini reunion, there are a LOT of conversations that all siblings have during the holidays. You’re totally normal, trust us.

We’ve decided to share a list of the usual conversations that siblings take part in around Christmas time and some of them will totally hit home. There are stupid chats, deep talks and silly moments, but you’re family, so who cares?

1. What are you doing today?

This question will be asked at least 10 times and numerous times a day while you’re home. It’s especially common if one of your siblings still lives at home and secretly wants to hangout with you. It gets annoying, but it’s just because they love you.


2. No but really, how does Santa do it all?

Whether or not you believe in Santa, this is a hot topic of conversation. Maybe it’s after a long day of watching your favorite holiday movies, or after you relive all the gifts you got as a child, but Santa will come up. Seriously, how does he do it all in one night? There is no way you’re parents could’ve pulled it off. PS: your siblings will all have a different reason to how they think he managed it…it’s hilarious.

3. You are SO annoying.

Sorry, but when you’re with your family people get on each other’s nerves. So much closeness can lead to you have a serious discussion about why you’re annoyed. Just remember, you have to be with them every holiday, so don’t make waves.

4. Wait, what are we getting mom and dad?

No matter how old you get this is probably the most likely talk you’ll have year after year. Even if you already talked about it before coming home, you’ll definitely revisit it. Plus, there’s a good chance at least one of your brothers or sisters has forgotten what you all agreed upon. Or they want to make sure they got your parents something better…ugh the suck up.

5. Did you handle that present thing we talked about?

Whenever you go in on a joint gift the leader of the pack will check in on you, over and over again. It’s their job…or at least they think it’s their job. Fingers crossed this is your older sibling talking because if it’s the baby nagging you things could get messy.

6. Mom is such a dork.

We love our moms, we do, but for some reason this always comes out of our mouths. Bonding over how strange, awesome, incredible and weird your parents are is after all what keeps families so close.

7. Can we talk about that guy from high school?

Ah, high school, those were the days? Oh wait, college was the good times, high school is what you laugh about together. Now we remember.

8. We should drink.

As you get older this is definitely something you and your siblings should do together. It is an ice breaker if there is any tension in the house — it happens to everyone — plus it’s totally fun. Oh, and this is where all the juicy stories come out including first kiss talks, embarrassing things you hid from mom, and of course which sibling is your favorite.

9. This is completely different.

Something is bound to have changed at your house since you were last home and if you’re the nostalgic bunch, you can talk about it for hours. Why did mom change her hair? Did you see the new microwave? Has that welcome sign always been by the nail salon?

10. Why aren’t you helping me with this again?

Ugh, chores are the worst, but someone has to do them. Whenever you’re at your parents house you resume your childhood roles, which means chores. This inevitably leads to someone not doing their job, which means another kids getting mad or calling them out on it.

11. Remember when…?

Trips down memory lane are a must! When you’re all sitting down to dinner, or wrapping gifts, the stories of the good old days always pop up and it’s amazing. Prepare yourself for some embarrassing stories as well. No one knows what makes you blush better than your siblings, duh.

12. Yes, I am dating someone, you just don’t know him.

The dreaded romance talk. Everyone has it, no one likes it. Even if you’re super close with your sibs talking about your dating life — or lack thereof — is so awkward and uncomfortable.


13. Let’s do (fill in the blank) like old times.

Reminiscing about your childhood can lead to actually doing fun things you used to do. It’s an added bonus if your siblings want to join in on the fun. Examples would be, making reindeer food (it’s a thing), building gingerbread houses, or going to a parade (they’re not always great as an adult, but that’s what spiked cider is for!).

14. What to eat, all day, every day.

When are you not talking about food while on holiday? Three fourths of your conversations most likely revolve around food. Are you really eating that? Can you make me cookies? Let’s go to the new Mexican restaurant…sound familiar?

15. It’s my turn to watch TV.

Ugh, the TV talk. We all love TV and therefore fighting over the remote, or taping your favorite show, is an age-old tradition. You might hate it, but deep down yelling — or loudly speaking — to your brother about why the Great British Bakeoff is the greatest holiday show ever makes you happy.

16. You can’t be serious!

It literally doesn’t matter how or when this phrase is uttered, but without a doubt it will happen. Maybe it’s when you’re telling your sister about your new boyfriend. Perhaps it’s when someone mentions they’re getting a pet when they can’t even take care of themselves. Either way, it’ll happen.

17. Is that my…?

Siblings steal things, it’s a fact. They might say they were “borrowing” it, but they are lying. Your computer charger is right there, why did you have to take mine? Seriously, you didn’t bring your own leggings? Although this can be totally bothersome it can lead to funny stories about everyone’s cutest or worst outfits growing up, which is great.

What conversations or topics do you and your siblings talk about over the holidays?

Are you deep talkers, or more of the leave each other alone, but watch Christmas movies together kind?