Christina Pellegrini
Updated Mar 27, 2016 @ 9:13 am
pizza problem
Credit: Twitter

You know that infuriating feeling of knowing you’re right, but not being able to convince someone else that you are?

Basically, this one grade-school level math problem is making the entire Internet feel like that right now.

Several days ago, the following math problem was posted on Reddit, inciting a flurry of confusion.

The student’s answer and teacher’s response has people everywhere scratching their heads.

The question, if you can’t make it out, reads:

The student answered:

After thinking about it for a second, yeah, that totally makes sense. But the teacher marked the answer wrong and wrote:

Huh? Unsurprisingly, the Internet has some strong opinions on this “correction,” as well as the wording of the question in the first place. How is the student wrong? Considering the information provided, isn’t it very possible that Marty had a bigger pizza?

A Plus broke the equation down, and determined logically why this student’s answer shouldn’t have been marked incorrect:

This issue could have all been easily avoided if the question has clearly stated that the pizzas were the same size.

Luckily for this kid, he/she has the whole Internet backing him/her up. We just hope that teacher reconsider and gives credit where it’s due!