The first time you watched Pulp Fiction, you probably wondered why Quentin Tarantino doesn’t just direct every movie, ever. Maybe you bought the soundtrack and sang to “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” in your car, with the windows rolled down. Most certainly though, the first time you watched Pulp Fiction, you probably fell a little in love with John Travolta’s character, Vincent Vega. He’s suave. He’s vulgar. And he seems unshakable —until he meets Mia Wallace, his boss’ wife.

Asked to basically entertain her while Marsellus Wallace is out doing serious mafia boss stuff, Vincent stops by the Wallace estate to pick up Mia. But when Vincent walks in, he doesn’t see Mia anywhere. Instead, he hears “Son of a Preacher Man,” and Mia’s voice on the intercom. And dude is confused AF.

So of course the Internet was like, “What a perfect little moment I can transform and Internet-ify,” and basically Photoshopped Confused John Travolta into a bunch of scenarios that aren’t Mia Wallace’s house.

Like this Imgur user who used Confused John Travolta to describe what it’s like when asking your kid what they want for the holidays and they respond, “a doll.”

Or when you prance into the kitchen for a very specific reason and you totally forget about said specific reason.

When you’re in the woods and you’re not sure why.

Or when you’re in a Family Guy episode and sh*t gets WEIRD.

Or that time you interrupt Queen Elsa’s ballad because you’re just really confused.

When Jim Carrey tries to help you out from his fictional prison cell, because I guess he feels for you.

Let’s just stare at all these confused John Travoltas. Because we can.

And lastly, that time you realize you’re a gif. and it’s all very confusing and very meta.

(Images via Miramax Films, Imgur, giphy)