Gabriela Herstik
August 25, 2017 11:11 am
Alexandra Herstik - Anna Buckley / HelloGiggles

There’s nothing quite like starting a new school year. There’s something about a new semester and the end of summer that always urges us to redefine who we are. After all, even the most confident people like to reevaluate and start the year on the right foot. We now can be whoever we want to be at the start of a new school year, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get nervous on our first day.

If you’re looking for some extra confidence, and want to dip your toes into some magick, then we have just the spell for you. By creating a vision board showcasing how you want to feel this school year (aka a cosmic collage), and working with a simple candle spell to charge a talisman for you to carry with you, you’ll be able to own the hallways with some extra confidence, thanks to some help from the universe. After all, we could all use a little love and cosmic guidance every now and then.

You’ll need: a yellow chime candle, a happy photo of yourself that you love, half a poster board or a piece of big paper, supplies to collage (glue or tape, scissors, magazines, scrapbook supplies, glitter), and something small that you can wear or carry with you as a talisman (a piece of jewelry or a crystal works great for this).

This spell is best performed on a new or waxing moon.

1Gather supplies, ground and center.

You can do this ritual alone or with friends. Regardless of who you’re with, collect your supplies, open some windows, and take some time to sit and ground your energy. Close your eyes and feel the earth supporting you; know you are supported this next school year, just like you’re supported right now. Take a few deep breaths. You can imagine the base of your spine growing roots into the earth if you like.

2Set your intention.

Before you actually get to collaging, think of what you’re looking for this year. What do you hope to feel at the end of the semester? How about the school year? Whether you’re trying to take on more responsibility by joining a club, or trying to pick up a new hobby like learning guitar, keep this intention in your mind. You can add in these elements to your collage later on. This spell works for a specific intention, or a more general one like wanting to be your most confident self this school year.

3Time to collage

The main element of this collage is you! So, choose a picture that you love; it can be candid or posed, but the most important thing is that you feel happy looking at it. Picking a photo of a time and place where you felt truly happy will infuse your collage with the intention of finding that same joy in your day-to-day life. Make yourself the focal point of your collage, adding other elements around it. You can write or cut out words and phrases that represent your intention, or you can write your intention at the top of the collage once you’re all done. Get creative! Make this your own and enjoy the process. The more you infuse your essence into this, the stronger it will become.

4Bless it.

Once you’ve finished your collage, grab your talisman and your orange candle. Have the collage facing you (you can tape or tack it to a wall), and then place the orange candle in front of it. Close your eyes and take a second to think back on your intention. Now feel this as if it already happened. Open your eyes, light the candle, and then say something like the following (you can always write this down/print this out, so you remember what to say).

5Charge your talisman.

Hold your talisman in front of the flame (not close enough so it burns you, obviously!). Close your eyes once more. Imagine a yellow light at your solar plexus, just above your belly button. Imagine this light feels warm and loving, and that it’s growing brighter and brighter, encompassing more and more of your body until it’s surrounding you like a bubble. Imagine your talisman soaking up all this love and light, a reminder of the light you have, eventually absorbing all this yellow energy entirely. Infuse your talisman with your intention once again, and then open your eyes.

6Let it burn.

If you can, let the candle burn all the way. If you can’t, do this over multiple nights. Each time, lighting the candle and focusing on your intention until you burn the candle all the way — meditating, journaling, or doing something creative while the candle burns. When the candle is finished burning, you can throw it away at a garbage can at an intersection, or bury it at a crossroads.

7Earth that power.

When you’re finished with the ritual, press your head into the ground and imagine any excess energy moving from your third eye (the space between your two eyes) back to the ground. Take a few deep breaths and you’re done!

Carry your talisman with you whenever you need. Hang your collage up somewhere where you can see it, and remember that you are in control. And, if you ever need a confidence booster, just close your eyes and hold your talisman. You are as bright as the sun, so keep shining!