Amanda Malamut
February 19, 2017 8:39 am
Marvin Meyer/Unsplash

We all know that parental leave is something every parent should have after having a baby. Spending time with a newborn is crucial for the baby and the parents. But there is a company in the UK that wants to take it a step further: They are offering their employees “puppy leave” to stay home with a new pet. Is this real life? Too good!

BrewDog, a brewery in Scotland, newly implemented puppy leave for those who now offer a week off for those who’ve just welcomed a new puppy. The mission of the company is to make other people as passionate about craft beer as they are. Now they’re combining that love of craft beer with their love of dogs.

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If you think that puppy leave sounds amazing, BrewDog makes it even better: After the puppy leave is finished, the new owners are allowed to bring their dogs into the office. Right now there are about 50 regular dogs that come into the office.

HOW IS THIS PLACE EVEN REAL? Ugh, we’re in love over here.

Watt said, “We always want to raise the bar when it comes to offering our staff the best possible benefits… We also just really, really like dogs.” If you want to see all of the adorable office dogs that work there, check out the video below. We’ll be brushing up our resume and packing a bag for Scotland.