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Credit: Facebook

There’s nothing worse than going to the gym only to have unsolicited commentary from the (often misogynistic) peanut gallery. We don’t go to the gym to hear your thoughts on fitness, thank you very much. Especially when those thoughts on health are full of bogus science that suggests a thin waistline is the secret to healthy living when that’s not the case.

As Dr. Glenn Gaesser, professor of exercise and wellness at Arizona State University and the author of Big Fat Lies: The Truth About Your Weight and Your Health explained to Fitness:


Luckily for us, this message is being spread visually, as well. Artist Ephi has turned to Facebook to share her body-positive art. And we are huge fans:


We whole heartedly agree, and cannot get enough of Ephi’s work. And we aren’t the only ones—this comic alone has been shared over 4,000 times in less than three days! Next time we get off the treadmill and someone asks us how much more weight we want to lose, perhaps we’ll just show them this comic rather than screaming.