Ana Defillo
Updated Jan 22, 2017 @ 6:32 am
Credit: Milly Tamarez

Racial tensions are at an all-time high and with the upcoming administration, it’s most likely going to get worse. We all have our own ways of dealing with racial injustice. Some of us protest and educate while others create art to help ease the pain. New York City comedian, Milly Tamarez, combined all the above in the most hilarious way possible with “White Forgiveness,” a comedy project that lets white people absolve their sins of racism with one simple payment on Venmo. “White Forgiveness is a service where you venmo me at @Milly-Tamarez and I will publicly acknowledge you as one of the ‘Good White People’,” Tamarez says in the project’s video.

In addition to a short video parodying late-night church commercials, “White Forgiveness” features a Tumblr of all the venmo payments Tamarez has received so far. Since she began the project on December 14th, she’s made over $100!

Credit: Milly Tamarez

Tamarez was inspired to create this project when she found herself getting into a lot of arguments on Facebook with white people superficially discussing racial issues. Some people started messaging her privately and apologizing for not listening to her. After one of the people messaging Tamarez asked to screenshot their convo so they could post it on their own social media so “white people can learn from them,”Tamarez got the idea to create “White Forgiveness” with her comedy troupe, Deada$$.

Most of the reaction Tamarez has received has been positive and it’s creating some much-needed discussion. She told HelloGiggles:

We appreciate you, Milly, for making us think and laugh at the same time.