Laura Donovan
March 14, 2014 8:00 am

One of the best parts of living in California is never having to wear winter clothes (or suffer through the wretched Polar Vortex that just won’t leave the East Coast alone — sorry, New Yorkers!). Sections of the country with all four seasons, however, gladly welcome warm weather after months of freezing temperatures and are that much more appreciative of the heat. Whether you’re used to sunshine or get a mix of everything, spring is an awesome time of year, and great outfits add even more to the experience. Here are some goodies to add to your closet this season.

Lightweight Turquoise Palms Springs Scarf, $59 at Stella&Dot

I’ve been begging my favorite person to take me back to Palms Springs, and let me tell you, this beautiful scarf makes me want to return right now. Scarves are also a good substitute for mini sweaters, even though you’ll need those inside because most people abuse air conditioning. These make excellent accessories and can keep your shoulders nice and toasty during light breezes.

Rock and Roll With It Jacket, $79.99 at Modcloth

You know that gross, smelly winter coat you’ve been lugging around for the past five months? It’s time to give it a wash and retire the thing, at least until next winter. Thin jackets will keep you warm in the early days of spring, and come June, you might not even need them at all.


Element Eden Juliet Black Floral Print Skirt, $41 at Lulus

I’m a huge fan of mini skirts, but you never know when the wind is going to intensify and make for an embarrassing moment. Long skirts will help you stay warm and appropriate on chilly days.

Silent Lagoon Pink, $45 at Lulus

Maxi dresses serve a similar purpose to long skirts, and they’re also very cute if you’re a fellow tall girl like me. For those of you under 5’4,” a sundress in your size would be ideal. Don’t forget a throw sweater or scarf, of course!

Cowl Neck Relaxed Sweater, $34 at Venus

When thin jackets feel bulky and scarves aren’t warm enough, light sweaters will keep you comfortable in chilly spring weather. It’s important to remember we haven’t reached summer yet, so you’ll need something to cover your shoulders throughout the day, especially if you plan on spending a significant amount of time outside.

Cora Pointelle Tunic, $15 at Delia’s

Remember Delia’s? Those catalogs were the high point of my middle school years, when I’d comb through each issue yet never purchase any of the featured items. Luckily the company is still thriving today and selling equally incredible articles of clothing on its website, where I found the above top.

From inside a house, the sun can be deceptive. It might look sunny and warm out, but once you step onto your front porch, you realize it’s actually kind of cold. That’s when long-sleeved shirts come in handy. As long as they breathe well, you won’t find yourself sweating profusely, so don’t go picking out any turtlenecks or knitted tops. A long-sleeved shirt with holes, such as the pink tunic here, can also be cute with tank tops underneath.

Rolled Midi Short, $39.95 at AE

Shorts can be difficult to pull off, particularly in a professional environment, but if you’re in school or a more laid back office, you can put on some shorts and long socks to cover up and warm your legs a little, all while looking adorable. On unseasonably scorching days toward the end of spring, you’re going to want to give those limbs some fresh air!

Geo Open-Front Cardigan, $24.80 at Forever 21

These are slightly fancier and dressier than sweaters and scarves, and they can go with many wardrobe choices.

Soft Skinny Jeans, $22.80 at Forever 21

Forget black, dark blue and other winter colors populating your closet right now. Pastels welcome the warmer, longer days and are a nice break from colors that wash you out in the winter.

Dignified Darling Fascinator, $44.99 at Modcloth

Your scalp is going to need protection from the sun, and hats can provide the shade you’ll need when it’s extremely bright outside.

Any other spring faves? Share in the comments section.