Trilby Beresford
Updated April 02, 2016

Many college students prefer to spend their time partying and studying (let’s face it, the latter only sometimes). But apparently in Texas, things happen a little bit differently. At least, that’s the case with Stefun Darts, who hails from Houston.

In second grade (!) little Stefun made a solemn and serious promise that one day he would pay off his grandparents’ home, allowing them to transition into retirement free from the stress and burden of a mortgage. It wasn’t only a decision: for Stefun, it was a promise to God.

So without a second thought, Stefun sacrificed his teen and early adult years by being a full-time San Jacinto college student with a full-time job running a small nonprofit business (appropriately titled Caring Heart Youth). He admitted to the KHOU news station that he ate microwave pizza every night, and never went out with his friends.

Now at 24 years old, the college student was able to give his grandparents the surprise of a lifetime: He fulfilled his promise and earned enough money to pay off their mortgage! Stefun proudly presented them with a check for $15,000, relieving them of the need to keep making payments for the next four years. Oh, and Stefun also offered his grandparents tickets to the Bahamas, because you know, he’s just that amazing.

There were smiles and hugs all round. Stefun’s grandmother Marilyn told KHOU, “I couldn’t believe it. To have a grandson like that is a blessing.”

We just cried happy tears, because Stefun reinforces the importance of family, and how far we will go for the ones we hold nearest and dearest. Stefun further demonstrated his love and grace by telling his own story in an inspirational post on Facebook:

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