A company called Matalan is under fire for selling bras for young girls that have been deemed overly sexualized. Sarah Champion, the Shadow Minister for Preventing Abuse and Domestic Violence, is speaking out against a black bra in particular that “contributes to the sexualization of children.”

Sarah says, “The bra is black, with padding and a plunge-front, which gives the illusion of a cleavage. Matalan are advertising this as a ‘teen’ bra, but the sizes available are tiny. The bra I’m showing in the photo is meant to be a 28A, but it’s not more than 23 inches. This means that the girls actually wearing the item could be younger than eight.” false

A mother brought this matter to her attention when she ran into the padded bra in the under-13 section of a store, and Sarah agrees that it’s “totally unsuitable for a young girl.” She bought the item for herself so she could know for sure.

She has contacted the Chief Executive of Matalan and has requested that this product be removed from shelves, because nothing about in her eyes makes it an “ideal first bra,” as Matalan has marketed it.

Here’s the first tweet by the mother, Judith Staff, who sparked Sarah’s campaign. false

Other people have spoken out in support of the cause. false false false

Matalan responded by saying the padding in this bra is for modesty purposes only. “We purposely ensure that our girls’ bras are not sold to specific ages but are sold in sizes,” a spokesperson said. “We conduct thorough tests and speak to our customers for their feedback and as such, will always investigate any claims against Matalan regarding the suitability of our products.”

I guess they couldn’t ignore the cries on Twitter, though, because Judith tweeted a few hours ago to announce that Matalan has moved the bras into an older girls section and removed the words “padding” and “modesty.” false

Good to know somebody was listening.